Our Mission

At C2P we believe in the power of education, through coaching and training. 

We believe in the power of personal freedom, which leads to happiness and success, and that applies in all ages and circumstances. 

Through our Success Community, we educate people to find their why, what, how, and what else. 

We aim to uplift, guide, inspire all people, and help them to create successful habits which will lead to a fulfilling life. 

Our goal is to dynamically improve individual skills, educate and create an inspiring environment for our associate coaches and trainers. 


We Walk the Talk with You. 


A word from our founder

“I am happy and very much excited for the C2P community.

Through C2P I am delivering to the world a unique message, plus I get to learn and grow every day.

Our community offers education beyond the standards

Our community delivers deep knowledge, which comes from long experience, from people, who are growing every day, become happier every day, become more joyful and more conscious every day.

We are people who evolved personally, who fell and stood up, who learned to be patient, who learned the power of positive attribute to the world, by keeping a positive and respectful attitude.

We are successful people, who learn every day, and we are eager to teach what we have learned to others.

I absolutely love all our categories.

I love passing to youngest generation all these messages. After all they are our future, and educating and loving the young generation is something that excites me more than anything else.

I absolutely love the women’s only category.

Women face daily challenges. They take different roles every day.

Women deserve a special note in this community. Because of women the world is growing and evolving.

I love the business only category ! What an amazing input we are all getting from our community.

We have tools, ideas, videos to share.

Amazing and interesting topics which are applicable for entrepreneurs, employees, professionals – which are influential and bring in a positive direction.

Looking forward meeting you all !

— Teresa Doukas, Founder Coaching2Perform


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