Teresa was born and raised in Athens, Greece. 

She grew up within a family of entrepreneurs, and among them she was raised from strong women in leading positions. 

Women who had accomplished great success in difficult years. 

Her late grandmother had a big ballet school in Athens, and her aunt had travelled to Chicago, USA in the 50’s to succeed a leading position in a big multinational company. 

Her father founded and created from the scratch a successful company in the freight forwarding and shipping industry.   

Teresa grew up watching the contrast of dynamics. 

From one side the dynamic entrepreneurial mindset which run within her family, and on the other side she only watched struggle, huge effort, unhappiness. 

Teresa was always a curious and enthusiastic person, and for many years she thought that in order to become successful with lots money, love and abundance, you need to struggle and fight. 

She knew that there should be something else than this, because she was feeling different. 

After moving in The Netherlands, where now she lives, she realized the beauty of life, and what it means to be truly happy. 

She discovered that, only after she established her own company in the shipping industry, became a mother, and after many un-successful loving relationships, because she was excepting from others to show her beauty and make her happy. 

The creation of Coaching 2 Perform is Teresa’s dream to contribute to people’s happiness , by showing to them through her example and guidance, that it is very easy and only a decision away to create a loving, meaningful, happy life, despite challenging circumstances. 


Other information for Teresa: 

CEO – Founder of Global Air Compass Marine Logistics BV – 

WISTA member – Women’s International Shipping Trading Association 

BSc Honours in Shipping and Logistics from London Metropolitan University 

Born in Athens in 14th June 1979, and has a daughter namely Maria-Elena.