Code of Conduct


As a global Company, Coaching2Perform believes that responsible, lawful behavior is a basic requirement for its business success. It forms the foundation for the trust placed in us by our customers, business partners, and society as a whole. 

The principles and rules laid down in this Code of Conduct define the action framework for responsible behavior at. The Code of Conduct is the equivalent of a constitution for every individual within the company. These principles apply to the founders, associates and every one engaged with C2P at every location, in every business unit, and in our day-to-day dealings with all business partners and with each other. It encapsulates the corporation’s ethos and standards. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that the Code of Conduct is not just a piece of paper but something we live up to and implement throughout our organization on a daily basis. The success and reputation of C2P are highly dependent on us complying with – and being seen to comply with – these principles and rules.  

1 Principles 

We advocate responsibility in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. As a company, we are committed to implementing these principles in practice.

1.1 Human Rights 

We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and rights of every individual. We are opposed to discrimination and unequal treatment based on gender, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

1.2 Obedience to Laws 

We strictly obey the laws of all countries in which we operate.

1.3 Data and Privacy Protection 

As a company we believe in the protection of personal information, treating such data carefully and with respect is one of our core values. We actively seek to prevent unauthorized collection, processing, and dissemination of personal information. 
Data that are no longer required are deleted.

1.4 Responsibility to Society, Environmental Protection, and Product Safety 

Our applications, products and services contribute to the social progress and technological advancement of society. As a company, we are very much aware of our corporate social responsibility. We therefore, seek to reconcile the commercial, social, and environmental impact of our work on a lasting basis. Doing business in a sustainable and responsible way is part of our corporate philosophy and fundamental to our value framework.

1.5 Technology and Innovation 

We aim to boost the business activities surrounding our core competencies, while at the same time remaining flexible enough to transfer these skills to new areas. We are committed to the ongoing globalization of the company.

2 Commitment to Customers 

Our service is personalized, and our mission is to create long lasting relationships, with both Clients and Associates around the world, so our message is reaching more people every day. 
We wish to grow with loyal customers. We believe in trustworthy & transparent relationships with all the Associates who entrust our company. 

Our goal is to dynamically improve individual skills, educate and create an inspiring environment for our Associate and clients. We support and prepare young people to understand, discover and follow their passion, develop their unique gifts, skills and strengths thus to live a purpose-driven life. We measure our performance in terms of the client’s satisfaction, meeting their  requirements with high-quality products, responsiveness, and total reliability. Our service commitment and expertise help our customers to achieve sustainable success in their markets. 

Every associate endeavours on a daily basis to deliver the highest level of quality and to continually improve the processes and procedures required to perform to such standards. This represents both the basis for the trust placed in us by our clients and a contribution to the future of C2P.

3 Commitment to Associates & Clients 

Our associates are the key to our company’s success. 
Their dedication, knowledge, and skills determine the quality of our products and services, and thus our market success. 

Our aim is to be a responsible and reliable company. 

Encouraging the commitment and satisfaction of our associates and clients is one of our top priorities. Respect for each and every associate and client and their individual circumstances is a core aspect of our corporate culture and fundamental to motivation and loyalty. This respect forms the basis for gaining the trust of our associates. We create a work environment that encourages acceptance of personal responsibility and celebrates cultural diversity.

Our HR strategy focuses on three key elements: Systematically increasing the quality of our management culture, advancing the development of our associates, and fostering the diversity of our teams. 

Every associate has the right to be treated fairly, politely, and with respect by clients, fellow associates and coworkers.

5 Security and Confidential Information 

We meet the requirements of our clientele with respect to ensuring high standards and confidentiality when developing and delivering our services. 

This requires a collective effort that depends on the behavior and mentality of each individual. We treat the information of our clients with utmost confidentiality. The use of confidential business information about the company, either directly or indirectly, for personal benefit, the benefit of others or to the detriment of C2P, is not tolerated.

6 Business Integrity 

Laws make an important contribution to security, stability, and predictability. 
As such, they are instrumental in allowing us to achieve our corporate objectives. 
We have a zero-tolerance approach to employees who commit offenses or crimes in the erroneous belief that they are serving the interests of the company. This also expressly applies to instances in which obeying the law may lead to a loss of business or influence. The fact that a contract may be lost to a competitor is no excuse for breaking the law. Risks are to be avoided. 

7 Fair Competition 

We are committed to the principles of the market economy and fair competition.
Competitors are treated fairly and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. 
We do not knowingly make false or ambiguous statements about our competitors, and neither do we publicly criticise them.

8 Relationships with Third Parties 

Coaching2Perform’s commitment to social responsibility plan includes making donations. Donations may only be made to recognized not-for-profit organizations, must be tax-deductible, and require the approval of at least one member of the Management Board. 

In contrast to donations, sponsorship activities involve receiving something in return. Such activities are designed to promote the company’s marketing objectives by raising the company’s profile or boosting its image.

9 Compliance and Implementation 

All Coaching2Perform associates are obliged to adhere to this Code of Conduct while performing their duties. Compliance violations and breaches of the law are not tolerated.

10 Worldwide Application 

This Code of Conduct applies worldwide to all associates of the Coaching2Perform with immediate effect.