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We will be with you every step of the way
until you achieve your own,
personal desired results.


At Coaching2Perform we stand for Empowerment, Happiness, Confidence and Power.

We educate, we motivate, we inspire, we support.

What separates us from everyone else is that we offer you the “Happiness Meter”, a certified system of daily progressive results that you see and feel.


Your Best Opportunity is NOW!

 A Masterclass Webinar with Xenia Kourtoglou and Teresa Doukas

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Fill in your information and let us send you the tools you need to rebalance your life, tools like the “Wheel of Life” and more.


Our Programs


Business & startups

Specially designed programs by our Certified Coaches for you, so you can bring Power, Alignment and Sustainable results for your business.


Women 35-65

Our workshops refer to all women and are designed in such way to show a road map to personal freedom, happiness, success in embracing their uniqueness and beauty. 


Youth 20+

Coaching2Support support youngsters in discovering how to design, create and live a successful, joyful, happy life.


Upcoming Workshops